“In everything set them an example by doing what is good.” Titus 2:7

Here you can find a brief overview of a few of the projects that ASAL worked with and read some update and testimony related to the savings and loans process. Continue to check back for updates and new projects as they unfold.

A Sample of Some Projects

Costa Rica

“The last eight months have been busy months for the companies. With COVID-19, a lot has changed in our daily routines. But in general, we are grateful that it hasn’t affected us financially more than it has. For Granja La Estrella (The Star Farm), it has actually been a benefit, since it seems like everybody likes eggs. Sales have been good. And as a management team, we have really enjoyed and benefited from the coaching received from the ASAL team. It has been harder on the feed industry because of pork and chicken. Pork and broiler sales dropped quite a bit and are still recovering. With a line of credit from ASAL, we have been able to keep a better inventory and have been operating normally. Also, the coaching has helped us plan and work through difficulties. In general, the management team has really benefited from the ASAL coaching. Thanks for your support!” ~George

“I realize that ASAL is not an option for everyone but our family is very grateful to be a part of this new development of “Kingdom building” through using the finances God gives us to advance His kingdom. ASAL is helping us extend our hog business and set up a small processing plant to cut up, package, and commercialize the meat. So, to ASAL and all its associates, may the Lord bless you richly on this uncharted journey!” ~Marlin


“First of all, I would like to thank God for the opportunity to receive a loan from ASAL. It has been of great help for us to be able to continue with the chicken project. Our greatest help has been the opportunity to install new cages for the layer hens, as we had informed you. We also began raising three thousand pullets. Today they are nine weeks old, and next, we will be putting the cages together. Lord willing, at sixteen weeks we will be moving the pullets into the chicken house. The loan has been of great help because to do this otherwise, I would have needed to take out a loan with extremely high-interest rates. We’ve been having some trouble with the feed supply the last while, but we feel optimistic, thanks to ASAL, the committee, and all who are a part of this association. Special thanks to you, brother Roman, since you have decided to help us here in Guatemala. I am very thankful to God and to you all. May God bless you!” ~José


“My wife and I own a hoof trimming business, Lynford’s Hoof Care, founded in 2010. I saw the need of hoof trimming since nobody else was doing it in the area. My veterinary friend told me that is what I must do! Ever since we started, we have been busy. We are very thankful for the work. Currently, hoof trimming is our full-time business!… We’re looking forward to organizing our hoof-trimming business and making it more profitable so we can cover all of our obligations. We also thank ASAL very much for helping us restructure and refinance our local colony. We are looking forward to continued involvement with ASAL. I like the goal of ASAL—brothers helping brothers… Thank you again for the help that you are providing, and the patience you have with us as we go through this learning process. May God richly bless each one in charge of this, and I trust we can be a help to one another!” ~Lynford

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