“And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations…”
Matthew 24:14

Anabaptist Savings and Loans International envisions serving Anabaptist groups globally. Our goal is to have local representation in every region of the world to assist our Anabaptist brethren in sharing the importance of economic growth and kingdom principles within our finances. We launched in Latin America in 2019.

Current Countries

South America

North America

Central America


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  • Beachy Amish Churches
  • Biblical Mennonite Alliance
  • Charity Fellowship
  • Church of the Brethren (Conservative)
  • Conservative Mennonite Churches of York and Adams Counties
  • Cumberland Valley Mennonite Churches
  • Dunkard Brethren
  • Eastern Pennsylvania Mennonite Churches
  • German Baptists
  • Groffdale Conference
  • Hope Mennonite Churches
  • Keystone Mennonite Fellowship
  • Mid-Atlantic Fellowship
  • Mid-West Fellowship
  • Nationwide Fellowship
  • New Order Amish
  • Northeastern Mennonite Conference
  • Old Order Amish
  • Pilgrim Mennonite
  • River Brethren
  • South Atlantic Conference
  • Unaffiliated Conservative Mennonite Churches
  • Washington-Franklin Conference
  • Weaverland Conference
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